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Behind the Screams Buyers' Guide

The Behind the ScenesScreams Buyers' Guide was created to help to connect vendors and their customers. The main list may seem intimidating but if you click on any of the categories at the top you can narrow the search to a more manageable size. Viewing Top Level Filter by: Atmospherics Attractions Audio Christmas Cleaning Communications Construction Consulting Controllers Conventions Costumes Design Directories Education Escape Rooms Events Fabrication Fire Safety Food Games Insurance Lighting Makeup Management Marketing Masks Materials Media Organizations Paranormal Photography Power Printing Props Recognition Rentals Retail Rides Rigging Security Shipping Shooting Staffing Stages TBA Ticketing Tools Tours Video Wholesalers 1313FX Frightzone Masks 13th Floor Haunted House Attractions Booth 2767 at MHC 2024 2Way Radio Direct Communications 3D Foam Creations Fabrication 4Wall Entertainment TBA 5 Points Productions Marketing:Websites Booth 3051 at MHC 2024 916 Productions Design HAA Member Booth 909 at TW HAA 2024 A&A Global Industries TBA AACT - American Association of Community Theatre Organizations Aardvark TBA ABC rides switzerland TBA ABC's Giant Christmas Light Flight Christmas Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Abracadabra NYC Costumes Abracadaver Productions Fabrication Absen Optoelectronic Co. Ltd. TBA Academy of Make Up Arts TBA Accesso TBA Booth 333 at TW HAA 2024 Acentech TBA Acme Solutions Group TBA ACT Entertainment TBA Action Lighting Lighting Booth 1534 at TW HAA 2024 AdamJessFx Masks Booth 1513 at TW HAA 2024 ADG Mountainsides TBA ADJ Products TBA Advanced Animations, LLC Design Adventure Golf & Sports TBA Adventureglass TBA AEO Studios, Inc. Makeup Agile Ticketng Solutions Ticketing Agri-Games TBA Air Comm Radio Communications Airstar America, Inc. Lighting Aisle 13 @ Pittsburgh Poster Printing:Banners HAA Member Booth 1613 at TW HAA 2024 AKT3 Co. TBA Alcorn McBride Inc. TBA Alinco Costumes TBA All Access Staging TBA All Hallows Eve LLC Attractions Booth y at TW HAA 2024 All Hallows' Eve Media:Books All Weather Insurance Agency Insurance Alliance Show Creations TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Materials Alobar's Featuring Antari TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Alpha-Lite Lighting altered flesh fx Masks Altman Lighting, Inc. TBA Aluvision TBA Alvarado dormakaba Group Security American 3B Scientific Props American Amusement Machine Association (AAMA) TBA American Carnival Mart Wholesalers American Changer Corp. TBA American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) TBA American Earth Anchors TBA American Locker TBA American Made Monster Studio Props American Paper Optics TBA American Society of Theatre Consultants (ASTC) TBA American Specialty Insurance & Risk Services, Inc. TBA Americover Materials AMPFX Masks:Accessories Amusement Devices & Mfg LLC TBA Amusement Expo International Conventions Amusement Products, LLC TBA Amusement Supply Company TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Amusement Today Media:Magazines Amusements Unlimited Rentals Anchor Industries / Economy Tent International TBA AOTO TBA Apocalypse Global, LLC TBA Apollo Design Lighting Aquatic Development Group TBA Arcane Concepts Props Arcane Marketing Marketing Archaic Manifestations TBA Armando Cases TBA ARRI, Inc. TBA Arsenic Costume Company Costumes Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Art Attact TBA Art Guy Design TBA Artificial Ice Events TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Artist United Network TBA Artistic Concepts Group TBA Artistic Holiday Designs TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Astro Carpet Mills TBA Booth 2209 at TW HAA 2024 Asylum Coffin Company Props Asylum Props Props Atmosfear Sound Audio:Sound Effects AtmosFEARfx Atmospherics Atmosphere, Inc. TBA Audio Innovators Inc TBA Audio Zombie Audio:Sound Effects Controllers Augmented Creative Props Aurora LED LLC TBA Autograph Foliages TBA Booth 1330 at TW HAA 2024 AV Pro, Inc TBA AV Stumpfl TBA TBA Avolites / elektraLite TBA B. Good the Artist Audio:Music Booth 2857 at MHC 2024 Back Wood Props Props Booth 2961 at MHC 2024 Backfire Boo-Tique Props Booth 544 at TW HAA 2024 Bad Jack Productions Design Bakers Junction Haunted Train Attractions Ballantyne Gear Fall Protection TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Bandai Namco Amusements TBA Bar Louie Food:Restaurants Booth 2966 at MHC 2024 Barbizon Lighting Company Lighting The Basement FX Masks Basement of the Dead Attractions Booth 2575 at MHC 2024 Battech TBA Battle Company Shooting:Lasertag Booth 1235 at TW HAA 2024 Bay Tek Entertainment TBA BDR Design Group TBA BeastCraft LLC Props HAA Member Booth 914 at TW HAA 2024 Beckman Insurance Agency Insurance Behind the Scenes Buyers Guide Directories:Vendors Behind the Screams Buyers Guide Directories:Vendors HAA Member Ben Nye Co., Inc. Makeup Ben Peoples Industries Controllers Benjamin Electric Co. TBA Bertazzon TBA The Best Halloween Store Ever! Props Betson Enterprises TBA Beyond The Grave TBA Big Bad Wolf Creative Group TBA Big Scary Show Media:Podcasts HAA Member Booth 2136 at TW HAA 2024 Big Star Lights USA Lighting Bil-Jax, Inc. TBA Birch River Design Group TBA Booth 2122 at TW HAA 2024 BITY Mold Supply Materials Bixby Studios TBA Booth 1023 at TW HAA 2024 BJ Toy Company TBA Black Goat Costuming Costumes Booth 2941 at MHC 2024 Booth 2109 at TW HAA 2024 Black Lagoon Supply Co. Makeup Booth 1527 at TW HAA 2024 Black Light Unity TBA Black Martin Brands Props Booth 2837 at MHC 2024 Booth 1716 at TW HAA 2024 Black Moth TBA Booth 1722 at TW HAA 2024 Black Stone Sound & Lighting Audio Blacklight Attractions Design Blinky Lady Masks:Accessories Blood Moon EFX Masks:Accessories Blood Moon Technologies Masks:Accessories Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Bloody Mary Makeup Booth 2935 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 617 at TW HAA 2024 Bloom's FX & Design Design Booth 3042 at MHC 2024 Blue Skies Admin Services Management Booth y at TW HAA 2024 BMI Merchandise TBA BMI Supply TBA Bob Kramer's Marionnette Co. TBA Bob's Space Racers, Inc. TBA Bolliger & Mabillard Inc. TBA Boneware Party Cutlery Retail Boneyard Bargains Props Boneyard Productions Design Booth 1431 at TW HAA 2024 Boscoyo Studio Lighting Booth 2847 at MHC 2024 Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Bouncing Angels TBA Brad Low Entertainment Design Brainchild Creative Marketing Brainchow Studios Costumes Brainstorm Design Group, Inc. Design Booth y at TW HAA 2024 BrandiBeast Masks HAA Member Booth 1532 at TW HAA 2024 Brite Ideas Decorating TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Broadway Green Alliance TBA Brompton Technology TBA Brushfire Ticketing:Online Ticketing HAA Member Booth 2623 at TW HAA 2024 Brusnwick Bowling Products TBA Brutal Images / IWG Productions Audio Booth 1411 at TW HAA 2024 Brutal Rust Materials:Coatings HAA Member Booth 630 at TW HAA 2024 Bucky's Boneyard - Props Bullseye Balloons & Searchlights TBA Bumper Boats, Inc. TBA Buy Two Way Radios Communications Buzzshot TBA Booth 2223 at TW HAA 2024 C U Scared Printing:Signs Booth 2834 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 2022 at TW HAA 2024 Calico Cottage Food Calzone Anvil Cases TBA The Camp Team Sports & Event Insurance TBA Candy Corn Creations TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Canny Systems TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Cantebury Village Events TBA Booth 2855 at MHC 2024 Canterberry Gifts TBA Canto USA TBA Capital Online Auctions TBA CAS Iberia Props Cast Software TBA Castle Blood Costumes HAA Member Castle Golf, Inc. TBA Castle of Chaos Attractions Booth 2869 at MHC 2024 Booth 1531 at TW HAA 2024 The Catacombs Attractions Booth 2565 at MHC 2024 Cawley Co TBA CBI Cables TBA C.Cretors and Company TBA Cellar Door FX Masks:Accessories Centerstage TBA Central Tent TBA Century Industries TBA C&H Financial Ticketing:Online Ticketing HAA Member The Chamber of Haunters Organizations Chance Rides TBA Chaos FX Props HAA Member Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Chaotic Creations Fx Studios TBA Characters Unlimited, Inc Props Booth y at TW HAA 2024 CHAUVET Professional Lighting ChemAnalyst TBA Chernobog Creations TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Chestnut Identity Apparel Inc TBA Chicago Haunt Builders Organizations Booth 2952 at MHC 2024 Chicago Zombie Walk Events Booth 2958 at MHC 2024 Chisel 3D Fabrication Chocolate Moonshine Co Food:Candy Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Chocolate Treasures Food:Candy Booth 2737 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 1418 at TW HAA 2024 Chrissy Salem Metal Mascara Media Booth 2968 at MHC 2024 Christmas by Krebs TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Christmas Designers TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Christmas Direct OKC Lighting Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Christmas Done Bright TBA Chromateq TBA Chubby Chico Charms TBA Chuckwagon Soda Food:Beverages Cinema Art by Ness Props Cinema Greens Props City of Elgin Nightmare on Chicago St. Events Booth 2730 at MHC 2024 Classic Toy Co TBA Clay Paky S.p.A. Lighting Clear-Com, An HME Company TBA ClearCut Operations, Inc. TBA Click N Tix Ticketing CLM Risk Management TBA Closed Casket Studios Props Booth 407 at TW HAA 2024 Closeted Creations TBA Booth 2947 at MHC 2024 Booth 2624 at TW HAA 2024 Cloward H2O TBA Coastal Amusements TBA Cobalt Studios, Inc. TBA Cobwebs and Candlesticks Organizations Booth 2726 at MHC 2024 The Code & Key Escape Rooms TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Collector's Den TBA Booth 2712 at MHC 2024 Booth 1141 at TW HAA 2024 Comin International TBA Composite Effects CFX Masks Masks:Silicone HAA Member Booth 602 at TW HAA 2024 Conjured Media Marketing Booth 1719 at TW HAA 2024 Contours Face & Body Art - Gash FX Makeup Cooper Studio TBA Corpseology Marketing HAA Member Cosplay Clans | Reecoupons TBA Cossio Insurance Agency Insurance COST, Inc. TBA Costume Express Costumes CPI Amusement/Pageantry World TBA Creativ Collective TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Creative Conners TBA Creative Displays Lighting Creative Visions Atmospherics:Fog Fluids Booth 2963 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 631 at TW HAA 2024 Creature Collective Costumes HAA Member Creature Corps Design HAA Member Booth 1002 at TW HAA 2024 CreepIE Con Conventions Creepy Collection Props HAA Member Creepy Creator Halloween Props TBA Booth 1239 at TW HAA 2024 Creepy Twists Props TBA The Crypt Skin Project Masks CTM Group/Eurolink TBA CUE Audio TBA Cuelist TBA Cupz N Stuff Retail Booth 2859 at MHC 2024 Curator Live TBA Booth 1025 at TW HAA 2024 Curdtown Food Curdtown Cheesecurds Food Custom Canvas Bags - The Bag Lab TBA Custom Labels - Cut Sheet Labels Printing Cutco Retail Booth 2861 at MHC 2024 Booth 2823 at TW HAA 2024 Cyclone Signs Printing:Signs Booth 113 at TW HAA 2024 Dale Morton's Monster Morgue Costumes Daniels Wood Land, Inc Rides Danken TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Dapper Cadaver Props Booth 2942 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 930 at TW HAA 2024 Dark Attraction & Funhouse Enthusiasts Organizations HAA Member Booth 1425 at TW HAA 2024 Dark Creations ATX Costumes Dark Illusions Mask Company Masks Dark Imaginings Marketing:Websites Dark Labyrinth Entertainment TBA Dark Raven Designs TBA Dark Room Studios TBA Dark Rose Manor Haunt Attractions Dark Side Ink Printing:Clothing Dark Side Spfx TBA Dark Stitches Costumes Dark Tech Effects TBA darkest fear TBA DarkNET Designs TBA Darksydesigns Props David Little Spider TBA Davy Theatrical Cosmetics Specialties Makeup Booth 1313 at TW HAA 2024 Day Glo TBA Days of the Living Dead Media:Video Booth 2557 at MHC 2024 Booth 1725 at TW HAA 2024 DaySpring Distributing TBA DAZ 3-D TBA Dazian, LLC TBA d&b audiotechnik TBA DBGgraphix TBA DC Props - DC Design Studio, LLC Props Dead Dave Designs TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Dead Farm Productions Props Booth 117 at TW HAA 2024 Dead Graves FX Props Props Dead House Designs Design Dead Land Attractions Dead Rabbit Studios Masks:Accessories Deadnoodle Studios TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Decimated Designs Props Decompositions Corpsed Creations Props The Decor Group TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Delirium Studio Masks:Accessories DeLong Rigging Solutions TBA Demented Design Studios Props Demski Creations TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Dental Distortions Makeup:Teeth Booth 1323 at TW HAA 2024 Design by Aly Marketing:Websites HAA Member Designer Gore TBA Designs in Motion TBA Designz23 Marketing:Websites DeSisti - Coemar TBA D-Formations Masks:Accessories Diablo Sound, Inc. TBA DiGiCo / KLANG TBA Digital Marketing Agency TBA Digital Sound and Lighting TBA Dippin' Dots, LLC Food Booth 941 at TW HAA 2024 Discount Two-Way Radio Communications DiscountsCode UK TBA Distortions Unlimited Props Booth 2929 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 1014 at TW HAA 2024 Disturbia Attractions Booth 2575 at MHC 2024 Dogwood Entertainment Props HAA Member Booth 2515 at TW HAA 2024 Dogwood Event Design TBA Donat Insurance Services LLC Insurance Don't Be A Monster Organizations Booth 3048 at MHC 2024 Booth 2033 at TW HAA 2024 Doppelmayr TBA Doug Fleenor Design, Inc. Lighting:Controllers Dr. Mayhem Productions TBA Dr. Snik: Halloween and Darkwave Music Audio Dreadworks Makeup Booth 2850 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 1906 at TW HAA 2024 Dream Scape Studios TBA Drop Dead Design Studios Design Booth 2831 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 1106 at TW HAA 2024 Dusk Productions Props HAA Member Booth 1030 at TW HAA 2024 Dynamic Design International LLC Masks Eartec Co. TBA eATLAS Directories EBA Performance Makeup Makeup Booth 1322 at TW HAA 2024 Eek Productions Props Effects To Go, LLC Props EFX-TEK Controllers Eilon Engineering - Ron StageMaster Load Cells TBA eInflatables TBA Elation Professional TBA Elaut NV TBA Electric Tour Company Tours Electronic Shooting Galleries TBA Booth 2211 at TW HAA 2024 Electronic Systems Consultants TBA Electrosonic TBA Eli Bridge Company TBA Ellis & Associates TBA Elozo USA TBA Elswarro Productions TBA Emiliana Luna Park Rides EmptySpace Technology TBA Enchant Christmas TBA Encore TBA Entertainment Rigging Services, LLC TBA Envirolume Lighting Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Environmental Lights TBA EpicSurf TBA EPS (Entertainment Project Services) TBA Epson TBA Escape Room Conference Conventions HAA Member Escape Room International TBA Escape Room Labs TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Escape Room Techs TBA Escape Room Videos Video Escape Theory TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Escape Visuals TBA Booth 1130 at TW HAA 2024 Escapology LLC TBA ESL Power Systems TBA ESTA TBA ETC TBA ETF Ride Systems TBA ETIX Ticketing Booth 302 at TW HAA 2024 Event Hawk Marketing TBA Event Rocket Pros TBA Evil Intentions Haunted House Attractions Booth 2573 at MHC 2024 Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Evil Olive Prop Shop Props Eville J's Creepy Closet TBA Booth 923 at TW HAA 2024 Evilusions LLC Props Booth 1525 at TW HAA 2024 Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Ex Mortis, Inc. Costumes Exotic Lenses Costumes:Accessories:Contact Lenses Booth 1321 at TW HAA 2024 Exotic Nightmares TBA Costumes:Accessories:Contact Lenses Exponential Growth Games TBA Booth 2724 at MHC 2024 Extreme Engineering TBA Extreme Lightscapes TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Eye Candy Inflatables TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 EZ Inflatables Inc. TBA Booth 3015 at TW HAA 2024 Fabbri Group TBA FaceFX Makeup Family Tree Industry LTD TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Fancy Pants Patches Retail FanQuest Productions TBA - NuDent LLC TBA Fantasy Funerals Consulting HAA Member FareHarbor Ticketing:Online Ticketing Booth 1915 at TW HAA 2024 Farmington Fright Fest Attractions HAA Member Fatal Images Props Photo Ops TBA FCIS Specialty Insurance Insurance Booth 2812 at MHC 2024 Booth 733 at TW HAA 2024 Fear App TBA Fear Expo Live Conventions The FearFather LLC Masks Fearscape Studios Masks FearTicket Ticketing:Online Ticketing Booth 3046 at MHC 2024 Booth 925 at TW HAA 2024 FearWorm Hauntvertising Marketing Booth 3034 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 1119 at TW HAA 2024 Felimana Luna Park SA TBA Fevo TBA Fibrart TBA Fiesta TBA Figure 53 TBA Fiilex TBA Directories:Attractions Fire Retardant Coatings of Texas Fire Safety Firefly Scenic Studios TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Firestorm Productions, Inc. Photography Firetect Flame Retardant Fire Safety Fizz Retail Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Flagship Carpets TBA Flame Stop Inc. Fire Safety Flavorus Ticketing Ticketing FLEE the Ultimate Real Life Escape Game TBA FlowRider & Endless Surf TBA Foamdaddy Atmospherics:Foam Fog It Up! Featuring Antari! Atmospherics:Fog Fluids Booth 1333 at TW HAA 2024 Foothill Fangs TBA FOR-A Corporation of America TBA Forgotten Yard Productions Props Formula K Amusements, Inc. TBA FORREC TBA Fotoflo TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Four Finger Effects Makeup Frank-N-Fab TBA Booth 341 at TW HAA 2024 Frazier Insurance Insurance Freewill Electronic LTD TBA Fright Bro's FX LLC Masks Booth 1815 at TW HAA 2024 Fright Ideas Controllers Fright Night Studios Props Booth 2934 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 814 at TW HAA 2024 Fright Props Props Booth 2917 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 323 at TW HAA 2024 Fright Research TBA Fright Vision TBA Booth 1523 at TW HAA 2024 FrightFind Marketing HAA Member Booth 1248 at TW HAA 2024 FrightLight LED Lighting:LED Booth 1102 at TW HAA 2024 Frightmasters Props Froggys Fog Atmospherics:Fog Fluids Booth 2917 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 124 at TW HAA 2024 From Art to Zombies Props HAA Member FS-KRIS-FX Masks Fun Express TBA Future Light TBA FX Warehouse Materials Fx Worx Inc TBA G Schoepfer Inc - Eyes TBA Gagliardi Insurance Insurance Gala Systems, Inc. TBA Galaxy Multi Rides TBA Game Show Mania, LLC TBA Gamers Inc. Games Games to Go TBA Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc TBA Gel Blaster / Valken Paintball Shooting Booth y at TW HAA 2024 GellyBall LLC Shooting The Gemini Company TBA Geoffrey Graves TBA Booth 2946 at MHC 2024 GeoFX Technologies LLC TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Gep Productions Inc TBA Booth 306 at TW HAA 2024 Gerriets International Inc. TBA Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH TBA Ghastly Garb Costumes Booth 2872 at MHC 2024 Booth 2617 at TW HAA 2024 Ghost Builders TBA Ghost Ride Productions, INC. Props Booth 2925 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 18 at TW HAA 2024 Ghostly Gravestones Props Ghostly Productions Masks Booth 1440 at TW HAA 2024 Ghoul Gallery, Inc. Props Ghoulish Mortals Props Ghoulish Productions TBA Booth 2829 at MHC 2024 Booth 1539 at TW HAA 2024 Gig Gear LLC TBA Gilderfluke & Company Controllers Glo Cone International Food Global Archery TBA Booth 2523 at TW HAA 2024 Global Entertainment Supply TBA Global Fear Enterprises TBA Global Plastic Sheeting Materials Global Special Effects Atmospherics Booth 2731 at MHC 2024 Booth 1811 at TW HAA 2024 Globe Ticket Company TBA Gloworks TBA GLP German Light Products, Inc TBA Go Ghost Hunting TBA Booth 1723 at TW HAA 2024 Goffa International Corp. TBA Gold Medal Products Co. Food Good Stuff TBA Gore Galore Props Booth 2937 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 441 at TW HAA 2024 Gore Patch LLC TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Gould Manufacturing TBA Graffiti FX Makeup Booth 3043 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 716 at TW HAA 2024 Graftobian Makeup Makeup Booth 2734 at MHC 2024 Booth 1317 at TW HAA 2024 Granite Industries Tools Granite Insurance Insurance HAA Member Booth 1715 at TW HAA 2024 Graphic FX Printing A Grave Choice Props Grave Creations Inc. Props Grave FX LLC TBA Grave Images Props Graveside Exchange TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Graveyard Ghoul Productions Costumes Booth 634 at TW HAA 2024 Graveyard Tracks, LLC Audio:Soundtracks HAA Member Great Coasters International, Inc. TBA Green Hippo Media Technology Inc. TBA Green Monster Collectibles TBA Grex Airbrush Tools:Airbrushes Booth 1526 at TW HAA 2024 Grignard Company LLC Atmospherics:Fog Fluids HAA Member Booth 1123 at TW HAA 2024 Grim Stitch Factory Masks GT Products Materials:Silicone HAA Member Booth 1341 at TW HAA 2024 Guild of Scenic Artists Organizations Guildford School of Acting Education guppyPOD Photo Booth Photography H & H Specialties, Inc. TBA Haas & Wilkerson Insurance TBA Hallow Queen Designs Design Halloween & Party Expo Conventions Halloween Costume Sale Costumes Halloween Express TBA Booth 1500 at TW HAA 2024 Halloween FX Props Props Booth 1917 at TW HAA 2024 Halloween Lasers Lighting:Lasers Halloween Life Retail HAA Member Booth 1717 at TW HAA 2024 Halloween Productions/Blacklight Attractions TBA The Halloween Shirt Company Printing:Clothing HAA Member The Halloween Shirt Company Printing:Clothing Booth 2718 at MHC 2024 Booth 343 at TW HAA 2024 Halloween Trickery Props Halloween24X7 Props Halls of TBA Booth 1543 at TW HAA 2024 Hallucinations Creations Props Booth 2735 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 402 at TW HAA 2024 The Hallway Entertainment TBA Booth 2319 at TW HAA 2024 Happy Jump, Inc. TBA Harlequin Floors TBA Harpers Company TBA Booth 1524 at TW HAA 2024 Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc. TBA Hatbox Designs Marketing Haunt Alert TBA Haunt Chat Live Media:Podcasts Haunt Collective Design Haunt Costumes Costumes Haunt Creations Props Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Haunt Dawgs Consulting Haunt Depot Props Haunt Design Company Design Haunt Design TBA Haunt Guru Design HAunt LED's Lighting Booth 2853 at MHC 2024 Haunt News Network TBA Booth 2424 at TW HAA 2024 Haunt Pages Directories:Vendors Booth 1223 at TW HAA 2024 Haunt Promo Ventures TBA Haunt Que TBA Haunt Scene TBA Haunt Scheduler Management HAA Member Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Haunt Seekers United Nation, LLC Paranormal Haunt Shirts Printing:Clothing HAA Member Booth 1122 at TW HAA 2024 Haunt Society Directories:Attractions HAA Member Booth 1441 at TW HAA 2024 The Haunt Store, Inc. Props Haunt Vending Retail Hauntapolooza Podcast Media:Podcasts HauntBots Controllers HauntCoders Marketing The Haunted Attraction Association Organizations Booth 2948 at MHC 2024 Booth 2023 at TW HAA 2024 Haunted Attraction Network Media:Podcasts Booth 2956 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Haunted Enterprises Consulting Booth 316 at TW HAA 2024 Haunted Farms of America Organizations Haunted FX Props HAA Member Booth 1705 at TW HAA 2024 Haunted Hills Productions Props HAA Member Booth 1222 at TW HAA 2024 Haunted House Chicago Directories:Attractions Booth 2775 at MHC 2024 Haunted House Media Marketing Booth 1517 at TW HAA 2024 Haunted House Radio & TV Commercials Communications Haunted House Startup Consulting Haunted Memories Props Haunted Props Props Haunted Ventures FX Props Haunted Woods Attractions Props Directories:Attractions Haunters Against Hate Organizations Booth 2848 at MHC 2024 Booth 2531 at TW HAA 2024 Haunters Hangout Organizations Booth 2753 at MHC 2024 by Krush Brau Park Attractions Haunting U Podcast Media:Podcasts Hauntiques Props Hauntmation Consulting HAA Member HauntPay Ticketing Booth 2823 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 315 at TW HAA 2024 Hauntprops, LLC Props HauntQueue Ticketing:Online Ticketing Hauntrepreneurs Consulting Haunts FX Props Haunts, Horror & Hell Retail TBA HauntWorld Magazine Media:Magazines Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Hazard Room Studios Props Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Hazebase America TBA Healthcare Mobile App Development Company TBA Heavy Metal Christmas TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 HEC Worldwide TBA Hector Ceniceros TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 HellsGate Haunted House Attractions Booth 2561 at MHC 2024 Henry Monster designs Props HAA Member Booth 1445 at TW HAA 2024 Hexhill Studios TBA Hi Striker Co. TBA Hidden Gems Recycling TBA High Noon Creations Props Hite Digital TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Hoffman Mint TBA Hog Fog Atmospherics:Fog Fluids Hogan Stakes TBA Holiday Bright Lights TBA Booth 911 at TW HAA 2024 Holiday Designs TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Holiday Light Show TBA Booth 2201 at TW HAA 2024 Holiday Outdoor Decor TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Holidynamics TBA Booth 1243 at TW HAA 2024 Home Grown Bones Fabrication Booth 2740 at MHC 2024 Homeshow TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Horrific FX Makeup Horror House Wall Dioramas Marketing Horror Hub TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Directories:Conventions Horrornaments Retail HAA Member Horrorween Con Florida Conventions Horrorween Con Idaho Conventions Horrorween Con Oregon Conventions Hot Wire Foam Factory Tools HAA Member Booth 1231 at TW HAA 2024 House of Hauntz Props Howling Haunts TBA Hubbell Inc TBA Hughston Engineering TBA Huss Park Attractions TBA I Love FX Makeup Makeup i2k AirPad (ZeroShock) TBA IA Stage, Inc. TBA IAAPA Organizations Ideal One Amusement Software TBA Ideal Software Systems TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Ideaman, Inc. / Classic Magnets TBA Booth 309 at TW HAA 2024 TBA I.E. Park S.r.l./Amusement Rides & SOLI Bumper Cars TBA Illusion Transfers .com TBA Image Engineering TBA Imaginations Costumes & Dance TBA Booth 1804 at TW HAA 2024 Imaginations Halloween Super Store Costumes Imaginerick Studio TBA IMC International Mascot Corporation TBA Immortal Masks Masks:Accessories HAA Member Booth 703 at TW HAA 2024 In Search Of Brains Creature Design TBA InCord Play TBA InCord Safety Netting TBA Indestroom V, LLC TBA Indiana Ticket Co. TBA Indu-Electric North America, Inc. TBA Industrial Polymers, Inc. Materials:Coatings Inferno Effects Masks HAA Member Booth 1131 at TW HAA 2024 INFI Group Inc. TBA INKfection Collection Props Booth 2846 at MHC 2024 Inner Circle Distribution TBA Innovative Concepts in Entertainment, Inc. (ICE) TBA InPro Insurance Group Insurance Insidious Kreations and Carrion TBA Insta-Gore Makeup:Prosthetics Intamin TBA IntelliEvent TBA Intelligent Entertainment TBA Booth 2121 at TW HAA 2024 Interactive Entertainment Lounge & Learn TBA Booth 2123 at TW HAA 2024 Intercard Inc Ticketing International Assocaition of Amusement Parks and Attractions Organizations International Special Attractions TBA InterPark Magazine TBA Intrigue & Co Retail HAA Member Booth 2231 at TW HAA 2024 The Iron Kingdom Props Iron, Wood and Glitter Fabrication Booth 3050 at MHC 2024 Irwin Seating Company TBA ITEC Entertainment TBA IWEISS TBA i-Zombie Productions, LLC TBA J & J Amusements, Inc. TBA J Allen Fabric, Inc TBA Jack O' Lantern Journey TBA Booth 1701 at TW HAA 2024 TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival TBA Jakprints Inc. Printing Jane Farrell TBA JB-inflatables TBA JelcoProps Props JM Music Design Audio:Music Johnson Animatronics Props:Animated Johnson Fabrication & Controls TBA Jolly Holiday Shows Video HAA Member Jon Autopsy Haunted Attraction Soundtracks Audio Josh Hasty at Paramount Scope TBA Josh Nisley Designs Props JRA TBA Jump N Jump TBA JumpOrange TBA Just Amazing Discounts TBA JVR Enterprises, LLC - Tekno Bubbles Atmospherics:Bubbles Kamibashi Props HAA Member Booth 1644 at TW HAA 2024 Kangaroo Jumper Inc. TBA Booth 1709 at TW HAA 2024 Karloff's Creations Retail Booth 2939 at MHC 2024 Kay Park Recreation Corp TBA KaycellFX TBA Keen Designs Inc. Props Kelly's Heroes TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Kentucky Special FX TBA Kenwood/WS Communications Communications Kern Studios TBA Booth 1508 at TW HAA 2024 Key Auctioneers TBA Keylime Social Marketing Killer Design 13 Design Booth 2308 at TW HAA 2024 Killer Stencils Makeup:Stencils Killers - the card game/Scorpion's Lair Games Games Kimbark Cemetery Productions Props Kirby Farm's ScaryTrain TBA Booth 2009 at TW HAA 2024 Kito Entertainment Group TBA Kizmet Creative Marketing Booth 1927 at TW HAA 2024 KLOPP: Money Handling Equipment Management:Finance KO Creative TBA Kooky Spooky Costumes Costumes HAA Member Booth 1923 at TW HAA 2024 Kore Outdoor TBA Booth 2115 at TW HAA 2024 Kotobuki Seating International TBA Kreepsville TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Kristian Day Soundscapes Audio Krooked Kreations Masks and Effects Masks:Accessories Kryolan Professional Make-Up Makeup Kuebler Inc. TBA KurtControllers Inc. Controllers L-ACOUSTICS Audio:Speakers Lady Fright's Emporium Retail Ladyledluxury TBA Larson International, Inc. TBA by Zone TBA Lasertron TBA LASSO TBA LaZer Runner Laser Tag Systems TBA LeafFilter North, LLC TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Leafguard of St Louis TBA Booth 2724 at TW HAA 2024 Learn Christmas Lighting Lighting:Christmas Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Leavitt Recreation & Hospitality Insurance Insurance Booth 3039 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 1045 at TW HAA 2024 LED Haunt Lights Props Legacy Adventure Park Attractions Booth 2555 at MHC 2024 Legendary Escape Games TBA Booth 2331 at TW HAA 2024 The Legendary Haunt Tour Tours HAA Member Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Leisure Activities TBA Booth 2815 at TW HAA 2024 LensServ Optical, Inc. Costumes:Accessories:Contact Lenses Lex Products Power Liba Fabrics Corp TBA Licorice Lew Food:Candy Booth 3031 at MHC 2024 Booth 2215 at TW HAA 2024 LifeFormations TBA Lifeless Creations Masks Booth 3040 at MHC 2024 Booth 2632 at TW HAA 2024 Light Infantry Arms Shooting Light Theatrics TBA Light Up Masks Masks:Accessories Light Up The Night Production TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Lighting Lighting & Sound America Media:Magazines Lights Alive Lighting Lightwright LLC TBA Lil' Orbits Inc. TBA Booth 826 at TW HAA 2024 Limbic Media TBA Link SRL TBA Liquid Latex Fashions TBA Booth 827 at TW HAA 2024 Litepanels TBA Little Corpse Magnets & Novelty TBA Little Jars of Horror Props Little Spider Creations, Inc. Marketing Booth 1103 at TW HAA 2024 Live Action Escapes TBA LMG Inc TBA Lock America, Inc TBA Look Solutions USA, Ltd. TBA Loos & Co. Inc. Rigging Lord Grimley's Manor Masks Booth 641 at TW HAA 2024 L.P. Associates TBA Lunatic Lenses Costumes:Accessories:Contact Lenses Lunatick Cosmetic Labs TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Luxedo TBA Lycian Stage Lighting Lighting LynTec TBA Lynx Lair, LLC Costumes Macabre Intentions Costumes HAA Member Booth 510 at TW HAA 2024 Mack Rides TBA Mad Hatter FX TBA Mad Props Props Booth 2865 at MHC 2024 Booth 1631 at TW HAA 2024 Madame Elle's Audio Works Audio Madness FX TBA Booth 1205 at TW HAA 2024 Magic Jump Inc. TBA Magical Light Shows LLC Lighting Booth 2717 at MHC 2024 Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Magne Tag Foam Combat TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Magpie's Masquerie TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 MainStage Theatrical Supply Inc. TBA The MAiZE Inc. TBA Booth 506 at TW HAA 2024 Maize Quest TBA Booth 1140 at TW HAA 2024 Majestic Manufacturing Inc. TBA Maker86 Industries TBA Booth 1024 at TW HAA 2024 Malicious Studios TBA Marilyn Systems, llc Design Martin / JBL / Soundcraft (HARMAN Professional Solutions) Audio Martin & Vleminckx Rides Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Mask-R-Aid Masks:Accessories Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey TBA Mason Water Slides Rides Massacre Haunt, Inc Attractions Booth 2569 at MHC 2024 Master FX Atmospherics:Fog Fluids Master Pitching Machine TBA Masterpiece Controls TBA MasterWerxStudios Props Matteson Marketing LLC Marketing Matthew Freyer Productions TBA Mattos Designs LLC TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 M.A.U.L. TBA MAURER RIDES Rides MaxFlight Corporation TBA MAXXink TBA McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance TBA McSlaughter Emporium Props Booth y at TW HAA 2024 McSteven's Inc Food MediaMation, Inc. TBA Medora Musical TBA MedTech Wristbands Ticketing:Wristbands Mega Digitizing TBA Mega Entertainment TBA Booth 2805 at TW HAA 2024 Mega Escape TBA Mega Systems TBA Mega-Lite Lighting Mehron Inc. Makeup Booth 1423 at TW HAA 2024 MEL Products Makeup Booth 1314 at TW HAA 2024 Memento Mori Los Angeles TBA Memopark TBA Mental Shed Studios TBA Metalhead Threads TBA Meyer Sound Audio Michael Davy ​Water-Melon Makeup Midnight Mayhem Apparel Costumes HAA Member Booth 605 at TW HAA 2024 Midnight Studios FX Props Booth 1639 at TW HAA 2024 Midnight Syndicate Soundtracks Audio:Music HAA Member Booth 1214 at TW HAA 2024 Midnight Terror Haunted House Attractions Booth 2765 at MHC 2024 Midsummer Scream Conventions HAA Member Midwest Equipment Co Food Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Midwest Haunters Convention Conventions Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Mile High FX & Cosmetics Makeup HAA Member Booth 2923 at TW HAA 2024 Mind Magic Studios Masks:Accessories Mindgames Escape Rooms Escape Rooms Booth 2131 at TW HAA 2024 MindOne Software Innovators TBA Mindscope Lighting Mindtrap Creations Props Mini Mayhem Productions TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Mini Spotlight Lighting HAA Member Minion FX TBA Lighting Booth 1125 at TW HAA 2024 Minleon USA Lighting Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Mischief TBA Missing Finger Productions TBA Mister Jimmy FXC Costumes Booth 841 at TW HAA 2024 MK Illumination USA Lighting Booth y at TW HAA 2024 MM Fabrications TBA Booth 603 at TW HAA 2024 Mod Scenes TBA Mondial World of Rides Rides Moneris Solutions TBA Money Back Haunts, LLC TBA Money Tree ATM Management:Finance Monster Mac's Escape Rooms TBA Monster Misfits Props Monsters Alive by Oddball Art Studio Masks Booth 2738 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 403 at TW HAA 2024 Monsterworx Entertainment LLC Masks Monstrous Makeup Manual Makeup:Books Moon Costumes Costumes Moonlight BEEN TBA Morb FX Lab Masks:Accessories Morbid Entertainment TBA Booth 541 at TW HAA 2024 Morbid Monstrosities Props Booth 1031 at TW HAA 2024 Morris Costumes Costumes Booth 1600 at TW HAA 2024 Mortal Remains Atmospherics:Other Booth 1900 at TW HAA 2024 Mortus Viventi TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Mosca Design Inc TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Moser's Rides S.r.l. Rides Moss LED Lighting Mostly Fantasy TBA Mountain High Chai Concentrate Food:Beverages Mountain Man Skrub Cleaning Booth 2835 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 1147 at TW HAA 2024 MsFormaldehyde TBA M-Tec Systems, Inc TBA The Muck Olla Cavalcade Masks Murphy's Waves LTD TBA Music Gateway Audio:Music My Business Ideas Management Booth y at TW HAA 2024 MyCaseBuilder TBA Mythric Studios, LLC TBA NAFDMA TBA Booth 1043 at TW HAA 2024 NASA Searchlights Lighting Booth 1345 at TW HAA 2024 National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials (NAARSO) TBA National Fiber Technology TBA National Fireproofing Supply Co. Fire Safety National Haunters Convention Conventions National Ticket Company Ticketing Natural Earth Paint Makeup Naughton Insurance, Inc. Insurance NCV Creative (formerly Nethercraft) Materials:Vacuform Booth 2951 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 723 at TW HAA 2024 NEAAPA - The Northeast's Entertainment Association Organizations Necessity's Inventions, LLC TBA Ned's LED's Lighting:LED Booth 3027 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 225 at TW HAA 2024 Needful Things Shop Retail Booth 2741 at MHC 2024 Booth 2000 at TW HAA 2024 NETworks Presentations TBA Neutrik Americas, Inc. Audio New Republic Printing LLC Printing Booth y at TW HAA 2024 New Rule FX Props New Rule Productions Inc Video Booth 1519 at TW HAA 2024 Nexus Lounge TBA N-Flatables Cutting Edge Rides:Inflatables NFP TBA Nicaboyne Inc. TBA Nicolaudie America Inc. TBA Night Frights Props Night Terror Creations Costumes Nightmare Academy TBA Nightmare Forge TBA Booth 2938 at MHC 2024 Booth 1436 at TW HAA 2024 Nightmare Netting Materials Nightmare Studios TBA Nightmirror Studio TBA Nightscream Studios Materials:Vacuform HAA Member Booth 1823 at TW HAA 2024 NINJA TBA Ninja Jump TBA North Pole Productions TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Norton Auctioneers of Michigan, Inc. TBA Novelty Lights, LLC Lighting Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Nox Arcana TBA NYFS - New York Fire Shield Fire Safety Oak Lane Cemetery Props The Oblivion Effect TBA Booth 1432 at TW HAA 2024 October Society TBA Odditikis TBA Oh Ya Marketing, Inc. Marketing Ohio Haunters Association Organizations Booth 2954 at MHC 2024 OISTAT TBA Oktober Studios TBA Booth 934 at TW HAA 2024 The Old Joliet Haunted Prison Attractions Booth 2769 at MHC 2024 Olney Theatre Center TBA On Set Headsets Communications One Inflatable Inc Rides:Inflatables Oneail Fx Props Oneail FX Studios Masks Online Payroll Services - TRAXPayroll Management:Payroll Audio:Speakers OnSet FX LLC. TBA On-Site Services Group TBA OPERA America TBA The Original Pumpkinteeth Materials Original Sin Design TBA Booth 815 at TW HAA 2024 Orlando Special Effects, Inc. TBA OSRAM SYLVANIA Lighting Outback Laser Tag Equipment Shooting Booth 2960 at MHC 2024 Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Outkast Orphans Props Outlaw Haunt Productions - & Haunted Paintball Supply Props Overlook Creative Design Booth 3013 at MHC 2024 Paasche Airbrush Company Tools:Airbrushes Pale Night Productions Props Booth 3012 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 714 at TW HAA 2024 Pan Amusements TBA Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc. TBA Panic Mechanics Props Paranormal Research Society of Nebraska Paranormal Paranormal Skrub Cleaning Park World Magazine Media:Magazines Parlights Inc. Lighting Pathway Connectivity TBA Patron Technology / Ticketleap TBA Booth 1527 at TW HAA 2024 Paul Casey Entertainment TBA Paystri/Gatemaster Ticketing PCPA Pacific Conservatory Theatre TBA PDC Ticketing:Wristbands Pelland Advertising Marketing PeopleVisionFX TBA Perky's Pizza, John Daly Pizza TBA Phantasy Realms Art Retail Booth 2965 at MHC 2024 Booth 2327 at TW HAA 2024 Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc. TBA Photamate LLC Photography Photo Touch Inc Photography Booth 1318 at TW HAA 2024 Picture Marketing Inc Photography Pixel Pro Displays Lighting Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Pixel Pushers Printing PixMob TBA PixPlus TBA Pizzazz Scenic Contractors, Inc. Controllers PlaySmart TBA Pliant Technologies LLC TBA Plot 13 Props The Pocket Console DMX-BCi Lighting:Controllers PointWright Entertainment Rigging TBA Poison Props Props Booth 2864 at MHC 2024 Booth 123 at TW HAA 2024 Polaris Breach FX Masks:Accessories Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Poligon by Portercorp TBA Post Mortem Bootique Retail Booth 2949 at MHC 2024 Booth 741 at TW HAA 2024 Poster Scene Retail Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Powercast TBA Booth 2113 at TW HAA 2024 Prelude to a Nightmare Audio:Soundtracks Premier Designs TBA Premier Drapery Cleaning TBA Premier Rides Rides Premier Scenic, Inc TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Preston & Barbieri S.r.l. TBA Pretty Sinister, LLC TBA Booth 415 at TW HAA 2024 PRG TBA Primal Contact Lenses Costumes:Accessories:Contact Lenses Booth 2822 at MHC 2024 Pro Karting Inc TBA ProAiir Professional Body/FX Makeup Makeup Booth 1304 at TW HAA 2024 Production Advantage powered by VLS TBA Professor Mysterious Atmospherics:Fog Fluids Project Backfire Props HAA Member TBA Propared TBA PropsNSigns Props ProSlide Technology Rides Proxima Command TBA Psycho Coffins TBA Psycho Morph FX Masks Props Booth 1509 at TW HAA 2024 Pucker Powder by Creative Concepts, Inc. TBA Pumpkin Pulp Masks:Accessories Booth 2725 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 1109 at TW HAA 2024 Pure Lighting Company TBA Pure Upscale Costumes Purgatory Props Props HAA Member Booth 417 at TW HAA 2024 Purplegator TBA Qazi Investments TBA QNC Inc/ Quik 'n Crispy Food QRF Entertainment Group LLC TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Quasar Science TBA Quince Imaging Inc TBA Racom Products Communications RadioBoss 2-Way Radios Communications Booth 1134 at TW HAA 2024 Rail Events Productions TBA Insurance Ralph S. Alberts Co. Inc TBA RAMPFGroup, Inc Materials Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Rational Acoustics LLC TBA Ravenhurst Relix Props Raven's Wolf Design Ravenwood TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Raybourn Creative Costumes RCFX Materials:Coatings Booth 2923 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 831 at TW HAA 2024 Realflesh Mask Masks Realm of Terror Attractions Booth 2571 at MHC 2024 Recomposed Designs Costumes Red Hat Enterprises INC Management Redbone Products, Inc. TBA Redemption Plus TBA Redrum SFX Studios Design Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Reed Rigging, Inc. Rigging Regally Wild TBA Booth 2117 at TW HAA 2024 Reinders TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Renkus-Heinz, Inc. TBA ResirWrecked Costumes Costumes Booth 2841 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 303 at TW HAA 2024 Resova Ticketing:Online Ticketing HAA Member Booth 1808 at TW HAA 2024 Retro-a-go-go! Props Reynolds Advanced Materials Materials Booth 1230 at TW HAA 2024 Rezgo TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Rhode Island Novelty - Nanco TBA RIB FX Props HAA Member Booth 830 at TW HAA 2024 Ride Development Company Rides Rides-4-U, Inc. Rides Riedel Communications Inc TBA Rising Orchards LLC Props:Animated HAA Member Road Kill Boutique Costumes Booth 2943 at MHC 2024 Robbins Performing Arts TBA Robe Lighting Lighting Robot costumes Costumes Robot Monkey Lab, Inc. Audio:Amplification Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Rock Rebel Costumes Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Rock with Siren - Shannon Thompson Video Rocket Sport TBA ROE Visual Co. Ltd. TBA Rogues Hollow Productions Design Booth 1234 at TW HAA 2024 Rosco Laboratories Lighting Rose Brand TBA ROV Specialties TBA RoxiSpice TBA Booth 735 at TW HAA 2024 Rudn Enclave Location and Map TBA RWS Entertainment Group TBA RXMeds TBA Ryan Dowell Art TBA S4 Lights Inc. Lighting:LED Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Safari Thatch, Inc. TBA Safe Strap Co LLC TBA Safemark TBA Saffire LLC Ticketing Booth 2868 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 2825 at TW HAA 2024 Sally Dark Rides TBA Salvin Sound and Lighting Lighting Samhain Contact Lenses Costumes:Accessories:Contact Lenses Sanguinary FX Props HAA Member Booth 1902 at TW HAA 2024 Santa Land TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Sapien Studios FX LLC Props Booth 2742 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 547 at TW HAA 2024 Sapsis Rigging Entertainment Services, Inc. Rigging Sartori Rides Srl TBA Savage Silicone Masks:Silicone Booth 1338 at TW HAA 2024 SBF-VISA Group TBA Scare Co Creations Costumes Booth 1540 at TW HAA 2024 The Scare Factor Marketing HAA Member Scare Innovations Props Booth 2950 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 1416 at TW HAA 2024 Scare-All Productions LLC Props HAA Member Scared City Hauntiques TBA Booth 2001 at TW HAA 2024 Scared Of My Shadow Costumes Booth y at TW HAA 2024 The Scarefactory Props:Static Booth 128 at TW HAA 2024 ScareFest Con Conventions ScareIT Badges Recognition HAA Member Booth 1443 at TW HAA 2024 Scaremation Video Scares and Beyond Masks Masks HAA Member Scareworks Productions TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Scary Monster University TBA Schuler Shook TBA Scorpion Lair Games Games Scott Fensterer Sculpture Studio / Monster Manor Makeup:Effects Scott Schwartz Celebrity TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Scott Swenson Creative Development LLC Consulting HAA Member Scrappy Costumes Costumes Booth 2838 at MHC 2024 Booth 14 at TW HAA 2024 Scrappy Creations TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Scream 4 Reel Production Studios, LLC Video HAA Member Scream Team Productions Consulting Screamation Studios Props HAA Member Screamfest Studios Props Screaming Banshee Studios Masks HAA Member Booth 1622 at TW HAA 2024 SCREAMIUM TBA Booth 1727 at TW HAA 2024 Screamline Studios Materials ScreamPrint Printing ScreamScapes TBA The Screen Works TBA Screwy Seal Stakes and Clips TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Seasonscapes TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 SEGA Amusements International Ltd TBA Sennheiser Electronic Corporation Audio:Microphones SEO Encore Marketing Severn Lamb TBA Seymour's Shop of Horrors Masks:Accessories SGM Lighting Inc. TBA Shade Creations by Waterloo TBA Shakespeare & Company TBA Shaller GoKarts Rides Shattered FX Masks Booth 514 at TW HAA 2024 ShopBot Tools Inc. Tools:CNC Show Sage TBA ShowBuilder TBA ShowClix, Inc. Ticketing:Online Ticketing Shure Inc. Audio:Microphones Sigma Services, Inc. Atmospherics:Flame Silicon Valley Haunt Investors TBA Booth 637 at TW HAA 2024 Silver Dollar City Inc TBA SimEx - Iwerks TBA Simple Pure Aromatherapy CBD Retail Simworx Limited TBA Singuenity TBA Booth 2619 at TW HAA 2024 Sinister Controls LLC Controllers The Sinister Emporium Props Sinister FX Masks Sinister Signs Props Booth 1238 at TW HAA 2024 Sinister Visions Marketing:Websites Booth 2553 at MHC 2024 Booth 1826 at TW HAA 2024 Sippers by Design TBA Sithon Actor Management Marketing Booth 2111 at TW HAA 2024 Six Flags Great America Attractions Booth 2867 at MHC 2024 Skeleton Factory Props Skeletons And More Props Booth 1424 at TW HAA 2024 Skin Reaper Studios Props Skulbone T-Shirts at TBA Skullkrane Props Booth 2736 at MHC 2024 Skulltronix Props SlashMachine Marketing Slaughter House Studios Media:Podcasts Slaughterhouse FX Props Booth 2773 at MHC 2024 Booth 1115 at TW HAA 2024 Slaya Collection Retail Smart Industries TBA Smarte Carte, Inc. TBA Snazaroo Makeup Social Rocket Pros TBA Society of Properties Artisan Managers TBA Soft Play, L.L.C. TBA Solotech TBA Solve More Limited TBA Something New TBA Booth 2870 at MHC 2024 Booth 2415 at TW HAA 2024 Soul Reapers Haunted House Attractions Booth 2771 at MHC 2024 Southeast Hollows Haunt Convention Conventions Southeast Hollows Haunt Convention Conventions HAA Member Southwire TBA Spectral Illusions TBA Spellbound FX And Art Props Spider Hill Prop Works TBA SplashTacular TBA Spookteek Audio:Sound Effects Spooky Baby TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Spooky Empire TBA Spooky Mirror LLC TBA Booth 2225 at TW HAA 2024 Spooky Props Props Spooky Sound Experience Audio:Soundtracks Spooky Spirits Paranormal Paranormal Spooky Swap Meet Conventions Spooky Vibes Designs Design Booth 3041 at MHC 2024 Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Spookyprops.Com Props Booth 337 at TW HAA 2024 Spotrack Automated Follow Spots TBA Spray Gunner TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Squire Boone Village Food:Candy Squishable Office TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 S&S - Sansei Technologies TBA St Nick's Christmas Lighting & Decor TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Stage Specialists LLC TBA Stagecraft Inc. Costumes Stageline Mobile Stage Inc. Stages StageRight Corporation TBA StageSpot Lighting Booth 1801 at TW HAA 2024 Staging Concepts Stages State Fair Mini Donuts, Inc Food:Donuts Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Steam Powered FX TBA Steel My Dreams Props Stick FX Makeup Stiltbeast Studios Props Booth 2813 at MHC 2024 HAA Member Booth 4 at TW HAA 2024 Stomp Lights Stages Storyville Pictures, LLC Video Strega Moon Productions Props Booth 2723 at MHC 2024 Booth 944 at TW HAA 2024 Stride Events Management Booth 2018 at TW HAA 2024 Stronghold Ventures Consulting Stuartizm Designs, LLC Construction:Paint Ticketing Studio 1031 Concepts Costumes Booth 2729 at MHC 2024 Booth 902 at TW HAA 2024 Studio TEk-FX Controllers Booth 430 at TW HAA 2024 Sun Rae Productions Retail HAA Member Sunshine Tees and Embroidery Printing:Clothing Super Mega Slide & Maize Quest TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Lighting:LED Superfan Suits Costumes Sureshot Redemption TBA Surround Show Video HAA Member Booth 2814 at TW HAA 2024 Susa productions LLC TBA SUZOHAPP TBA Svenpuss Costumes Swag Smart Marketing Sweet Midnight TBA Swisson Of America Corp TBA Syracuse Scenery & Stage Lighting Co., Inc. TBA T3 Entertainment and Productions Costumes Booth 3019 at MHC 2024 Booth 931 at TW HAA 2024 TAIT TBA Take1 Insurance Insurance Tap N Go / Price Chopper Wristbands TBA Tapeswitch TBA Tapeswitch Corporation Controllers:Sensors Taylor & Associates, Inc. TBA Team Kingsley LLC Video Booth 731 at TW HAA 2024 Technifex Inc. TBA, LLC TBA Terra Class Aesthetics TBA Booth 2830 at TW HAA 2024 Terror Tap Games HAA Member Testfabrics, Inc. TBA Texas Frightmare Weekend Conventions Texas Haunters Convention Conventions HAA Member Texas Scenic TBA TFFX MASK Masks Booth 511 at TW HAA 2024 Thanatos Productions Costumes That Halloween Podcast Media:Podcasts ThatRandomJerk Designs Design Theatrixx Technologies TBA TBA Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) Organizations Thern Stage Equipment TBA Thicker than Water Inc TBA Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group Management Booth 515 at TW HAA 2024 Thirteenth Hour Haunt Supplies Props Thorn Web Design Design Ticket Sauce Ticketing Ticket Tailor TBA Booth 2217 at TW HAA 2024 Ticketbiscuit Ticketing TicketLeap Ticketing:Online Ticketing HAA Member Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Ticketometer Ticketing TicketSignup Ticketing HAA Member Booth 2409 at TW HAA 2024 TicketSocket Ticketing Booth 1905 at TW HAA 2024 TicketSpice Ticketing:Online Ticketing Booth 2840 at MHC 2024 Booth 1039 at TW HAA 2024 Times Square Lighting Lighting The Timid Rabbit Magic & Masquerade Shop TBA Tinsel CRM Marketing Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Titan Inflatables Rides:Inflatables Titan Makers Props Titanic FX TBA Booth 1409 at TW HAA 2024 TIXR Ticketing Booth 507 at TW HAA 2024 Toe-Tagged Productions Props Tombstone Factory, LLC Props Toppo Lighting Co. Lighting Toxic FX Masks HAA Member Booth 1003 at TW HAA 2024 TR Electronic TBA TransWorld Exhibits Conventions HAA Member Transworld Halloween & Attractions Show Conventions TransWorld Live Media Booth 2757 at MHC 2024 Booth 4500 at TW HAA 2024 Tree Nest TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 TreEZ Wrap TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Trendy Tix Ticketing Trick or Treat Studios Masks Tripp Sixx Studios Props Troika Entertainment TBA The Tron Shop & GearSource TBA Tropical Security Inc. Security True American Classic TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 The Truffle Cottage Food:Candy Tuff Clips TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Turk Monster Masks Masks:Accessories Twigrot Sinister Props Props Twilight Creations TBA Booth 1215 at TW HAA 2024 Twinkly PRO TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Twisted Crypt Haunted House Attractions Booth 2567 at MHC 2024 Twisted Monkey FX TBA Twister Display TBA Two Way Radio Gear Communications Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Communications Tyler Truss TBA Ultimate Haunt Tour Tours Ultratec Special Effects TBA Underground Productions Video Underhill Audio Productions Audio HAA Member Unique Rabbit TBA Booth 1217 at TW HAA 2024 Unit 70 Studios Props United States Postal Service Shipping Booth 2208 at TW HAA 2024 United Zombies of America UZA Entertainment TBA Universal Concepts TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Universe Ticketing Unknown Origin FX Masks Unorthodox Entertainment Company Costumes HAA Member Booth 2314 at TW HAA 2024 Unsub Masks Masks Booth 3035 at MHC 2024 Booth 12 at TW HAA 2024 U.S. Security / Metal Detectors TBA Booth 503 at TW HAA 2024 U.S. TSUBAKI POWER TRANSMISSION, LLC TBA USA Shade TBA UZA BoneHead Threads Costumes UZA Synyster Syn TBA Valken Inc. TBA Booth 1819 at TW HAA 2024 Valley-Dynamo TBA The Vampire Circus Events Booth 2962 at MHC 2024 Booth y at TW HAA 2024 VanguardCP TBA Vantage TBA Vantora powered by Clubspeed TBA VaporFlame TBA Vari-Lite Strand Lighting The Vault Mask Co. Masks Booth 2842 at MHC 2024 Booth 2219 at TW HAA 2024 Vectorworks Spotlight TBA Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B.V. TBA Venco Business Solutions TBA Vendini Ticketing Vendors Gallery TBA VEO CBD & Essential Oils TBA Booth 1342 at TW HAA 2024 Verendus Industries TBA Verge Aero TBA Vertical Reality TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 VFX Creates Props HAA Member Booth 715 at TW HAA 2024 Vidscenes Video The Village of Darkness TBA Village Props Props Violet Lazar Retail Booth 2874 at MHC 2024 Booth 2630 at TW HAA 2024 Virginia Toy and Novelty Retail Visiontron TBA Booth 2926 at TW HAA 2024 Vitec Production Solutions TBA Vivaticket Ticketing Void Acoustics Audio von Charon Productions Costumes Von Grimm Productions Masks:Accessories HAA Member Booth 1139 at TW HAA 2024 Vortex Bunkers TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Vortex Insurance Agency Insurance VR Coaster GmbH & Co. KG TBA vrCAVE TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Vue Thru Props Photography Vulpine Marketing Marketing Wabash Valley Manufacturing, Inc. TBA Wake Forest Escape Room TBA Waken Productions, Inc. TBA Walgreens Corner Box Office by EMC TBA Wardrobe Dysfunction Costumes Booth y at TW HAA 2024 WarLord Studios Props Water Safety Products, Inc. TBA Water Technology, Inc. TBA Water Wars TBA Waymatic Inc. TBA Wbros TBA WDD We Do Digital TBA We Will Haunt You / Design Wenger Corporation TBA West FX Inc. Makeup Wet Your Whistle Cup and Co Retail Booth 2863 at MHC 2024 WHCL Inc TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 When Hinges Creak Props Booth 20 at TW HAA 2024 Whimzkulls - Hand Sculpted Cookies Food:Cookies Whirley-DrinkWorks! TBA WhiteWater Water Rides Rides Wholesale Halloween Costumes TBA The Wicked Lady TBA Booth 1608 at TW HAA 2024 WikedFX Props Booth 3037 at MHC 2024 Booth 2507 at TW HAA 2024 Winterland Inc. Props HAA Member Booth 2301 at TW HAA 2024 Wisdom Rides of America TBA Witch Doctor Designs Props:Animated Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Wizard Devices, LLC TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Wolfe Face Art & FX Makeup Booth 1325 at TW HAA 2024 WonderPax TBA Booth 2411 at TW HAA 2024 Woods of Terror Attractions Booth 2931 at MHC 2024 Booth 1909 at TW HAA 2024 World Internet Marketing, Inc. Marketing World Waterpark Association TBA WorldRide Service & Supply Inc. TBA Wristband Resources Ticketing HAA Member Booth 615 at TW HAA 2024 WyckCraft TBA XFX Makeup Makeup XINSURANCE Powered By Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC Insurance X-Laser Lighting Booth 118 at TW HAA 2024 Xola Marketing Booth 2134 at TW HAA 2024 XS Lighting & Sound Lighting Xtreme Costumes Costumes Your Pixel Store Lighting Booth 3036 at MHC 2024 Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Yup, That's Scary Media:Podcasts Z Pro Watersports TBA Zagone Studios Costumes HAA Member Booth 1417 at TW HAA 2024 Zamperla, Inc. TBA Zeo Brothers Rentals Ziemael TBA ZIERER Karussell- und Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG TBA Zigong Lantern Group TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Zombie Army Productions Staffing Booth 2559 at MHC 2024 Booth 1822 at TW HAA 2024 The Zombie Factory Costumes Costumes Booth 1914 at TW HAA 2024 Zombie Rampage TBA Booth y at TW HAA 2024 Zombie Skin Makeup HAA Member Booth 727 at TW HAA 2024 ZTAG Games
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